Saturday, December 15, 2012

I'm Going Home/Merry Christmas

Hey Abyss,

It is the night before I head back to the Maritimes and I am all prepared. I spent most of the day cleaning my apartment, except for my dishes which I am avoiding at all costs currently. I don't know whether it is the christmas spirit alive inside of me or perhaps my tired body, but I am really looking forward to being back home for two weeks.

I have done most of my Christmas shopping and now just have to figure out how to fit all the presents and two weeks worth of clothes into two carry on bags....

I like to travel as light as possible, I have this suspicious feeling that the airline will always lose my luggage. This trip I am putting my faith in Porter, mainly because you get free food and alcohol. The flight back to Nova Scotia is quite quick from Montreal (only about an hour and a half) and so it is a strange sensation to be in two different provinces in such a short time. I don't think that feeling will ever change for me.

This week was a real gift. We had a lot of final core classes this week, and Nina Lee Aquino staged a reading of David Yee's play Safari with us. It was well received last night and now we just have to wait on the new AD's decision as to whether or not she wants us to mount it as the opening show of our season next year at The Monument-Nationale. Let's hope.

This semester has been so enlightening to me as both an actor and a person. Sherry Bie (the outgoing Artistic Director) is such a wonderful woman and I am sad to see her go. She has pushed me a lot over this last year and a half at the school and I can see how proud she is of my whole class. She is such a selfless woman, and a true artist. I feel truly blessed to have experienced her the way I have. She will be deeply missed.

I am heading to the closing performance of Three Sisters tonight and will say my holiday goodbyes after the show. On that topic, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas as I will be focused on spending time with my family and my beautiful girlfriend over the holiday, so I wont be posting until the New Year.

Here is to another year in the life of a Would-be Actor in training.

Merry Christmas Abyss.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday - A Day of Rest?

Hey Abyss,

Things have been busy over the last four weeks. I can't believe how quickly things are moving, but at the same time I am very anxious to get home to my family and friends in the Maritimes.

My classmates and I had a Christmas Party last night which was great, we had so much tasty food and I felt rather classy with my ugly sweater and glass of Whiskey. All I needed was a cigar and I would have been ready for a segment on the Art of Manliness. Of course being surrounded by all the food and Christmas music playing in the background made me a little more homesick. I am really looking forward to the break this year. The last few weeks have been especially draining, energetically.

The two weeks we had with Tanja Jacobs were interesting, to say the least, I felt I had the most fun in the last few days we worked with her. After those days I am quite interested to see how our process goes after the break.

We then worked with Yael Farber for the last two weeks, she is an intense woman. And I mean that in the best sense of the word. I learned a lot from her, she is a very generous and focused person and offered such wonderful insight into the characters that we were working with. The spine of the last two weeks were the text from After Miss Julie by Patrick Marber, and so it was a very fierce exploration, if you know Marber. The class was very sacred to me so I won't delve that much further into it, but I feel that it was exactly what I needed right now in my journey here at the school.

Another NTS moment that I won't soon forget.

We have been bombarded with many little projects lately, that have to be continually percolating with us at all moments of the day. This has made it hard to come home and relax, but everything is changing next semester because we start to move into productions for the next year and a half. As I stated in earlier posts; we have three studios shows next term.

The Seagull Directed by Tanja Jacobs

Solo Show Directed by Adam Lazarus and Jodi Essery

? Shakespeare Directed by Joe Ziegler

I am completely amped to start doing some productions, they are not fully fledged as they are still explorations but we do have public performances which is exciting in itself.

Today, in a couple of hours in fact, I am filming an audition for a movie that is shooting this summer, it is very much a shot in the dark considering it is an open call but I feel that there is no harm in submitting. I'm nervous about it because this is my one shot, its not like a regular audition where there is option to be directed. I submit one take.

Other than that there isn't really anything else going on. We start working on the staged reading of our text that David Yee has written for our class. I anticipate that it will be a fun week, I have some remaining research to do on the text before tomorrow though.

Wish me luck.

Night Abyss

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Seagull

Hey Abyss,

This week we start seeding work on Anton Chekhov's The Seagull, which my class will be performing in the new year as one of our three studio performances. Our version is being directed by Tanja Jacobs and I am really pumped to meet and work with her for the next little bit. We are working with her for the next two weeks and then will be moving onto work with Yael Farber and Strindberg's Miss Julie. Leaving only one week after that before Christmas Break happens.

Things are moving so fast, its nuts.

During this time we have to be working on our Solo Show which will be presented in March of the new year (our second studio show). This is more or less a "moon project" it is always orbiting whatever we presently have going on. I am still trying to find things to write about for this project, but as time goes on I feel that something will inspire me and I will go like a locomotive. The essence of the project is we have full creative liberty over what we want to present, but we have to write and perform alone onstage for 15 minutes. Kind of scary, but also exciting.

To touch on the last two weeks, after Maiko and Antoine, we worked with Nina Lee Aquino and David Yee on a new play he is writing for my class. We basically workshopped for the rest of the week and now have a full text and were asked to continue exploring that until we receive a revised draft closer to December 14th, which is when we are doing a staged reading of it. I really like the play and hope that we will be able to bring it into full production in our third year.

Nina and David are great.

And last week we had the most amazing Shakespeare Voice class with none other than Andrew Wade, who has worked with the likes of Judy Dench and Gwyneth Paltrow. He was so great, I learned so much from him in 6 days and kind of wish that we had him more often. Definitely a memorable moment from NTS.

Not much else has been happening of late, I am getting over a cold brought on by the inconsistent weather changes here in Montreal. So thats nice.

Blackbird is still making its rounds, which warms my heart.

It did well in Warsaw, and is playing in Rome these next few days. It will make its theatrical release in Paris during the month of February. A North American release has not been decided yet.

My break from reading the two versions of The Seagull, has been used to write this entry so I am going to go back to reading.

Thanks to all the readers who continue to read my ramblings, it means a lot.

Night Abyss

Here are some neat links:




Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Hey Abyss,

Thanks for staying with me through my strange photo uploads of late, which include pictures of (my now healed) athletes foot and my cats modelling portfolios.

Hopefully I can provide something more entertaining this time.

These last few weeks have been super intense working with Maiko Yamamoto and Antoine Bedard on Archipelagos, which went really well. The experience has left a lasting impression on me as a performer. The basic structure of the piece was each actor had a specific, self created movement score that they repeated for one roatating audience member 11 times over the course of 45 minutes. It was a combination of ensemble and solo work, providing for a very intimate and diverse journey for each audience member depending on which actor they start with.

As an actor it was just as intimate and diverse, because each audience member who came to your "island" reacted completely differently, which in turn altered your performance slightly. The day of the show we performed out individual pieces 44 times for 44 different people. I was initially intimidated by the number of rotations but found that the stamina training we have been working on for the last year came into effect heavily in this project. It's amazing how much energy is in the human body, and when you harness it how much of an asset it is.

Maiko and Antoine were pleasures to work with and I hope to see them again, whether it be within the school or the industry.

This week we are back to working with Nina Lee Aquino and David Yee, the last few days have been great and I am stoked to see how the rest goes.

Honestly, I am still really exhausted from all the physical work we have been doing and am wanting 2 days rest and a massage from a pro, none of these feeble "theatre school" massages. Due to our intense schedule at the school (12 hours a day, 6 days a week) we barely have time to do laundry so it gets tiring very quick, especially with little recovery time. I am not looking for pity, just expressing my fatigue.

Nothing else has been going on... I was excessively pumped about getting my Eggplant Coloured tie clip today in the mail (

Sad, I know.

Simple Pleasures.

Blackbird is currently in Poland, which is cool (

I had myself a gluten free pizza tonight and am currently burning my cat's nostrils with the intensity of my continuous flatulence.

I'm off to watch Hocus Pocus.

Night Abyss

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fast and Slow

Hey Abyss,

It has been intense at school over the last few weeks so I haven't found much time to write unfortunately.

We finished up with Weyni last week and we all went to see Invisible Atom with Anthony Black, after the show it was great to talk to him (seeing as he is from Halifax) and the rest of the team involved. They have been touring the show on and off for about 6 years, which is really impressive. They have taken it all over the world and played to many different audiences over that time. It was inspiring to know that there is potential to have a successful tour of your own work. Of course, it has to be good enough to have the following, but none the less still very encouraging.

Getting to talk to Weyni's husband Eion Bailey ( was a pleasure. He is so knowledgeable and positive about the business of Film & Tv and gave some great insight and tips. I was truly grateful to the both of them for providing us with such support and reassurance about the field some of us are planning to traverse into.

We started work this week with sound designer/composer Antoine Bedard who also goes by the mononym Montag as a recording artist ( He is super chill and has so much knowledge about his art and gets so impassioned by the ideas of sound and how they affect the human psyche, which is really sparking my interests currently. At the end of this week Maiko Yamamoto came in and is working together with Antoine to develop and original piece for us called Archipelagos. It is a physical theatre piece with original compositions worked in. I am stoked to see where the two of them take us over the next two weeks.

This week on thursday we had an optional workshop and I am so glad that I went. Myself and 7 other of my classmates worked with a woman named Rhiannon from Hawaii and she was mind blowing ( Her and her group of vocal improvisers were so generous and talented. They rejuvenated me as an artist with the work that we did. It is difficult to describe the experience but if you check out her website, there is more details on the work that they do. The memory of that night is one that will remain with me for a long time.

Friday was a big day for me, as it was the Montreal premiere of Blackbird! I was so stoked to finally see the film in its entirety and it did not disappoint. I knew working with Jason Buxton (the director) that it was going to be a solid film, but it was great to finally see it and what the final product was. The film has been sweeping a lot of awards as well, Friday night we found out that it took Best Canadian Feature at the Vancouver Film Festival. It has garnered 5 awards in total.

I feel so blessed to have been part of something so wonderful and appealing to audiences. I feel very proud of the film and only hope that it continues to do well. It is playing again here in Montreal on the 20th and I am trying to convince my classmates to go.

I will post some links about the film below and I encourage you to follow me on twitter @wayne_burns for more consistent updates on what is happening.

And check out my IMDB:

VIFF press:



Night Abyss

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Back In

Hey Abyss,

Still no sign of internet at my apartment yet. It is difficult to get down to the Bell Store with my schedule at school. It is definitely a goal this week to set up another appointment with the right address this time.

Due to my lack of internet I have to come to the school and get all I need to accomplish in one sitting, then go home.

The last few hours have been a compilation of emails and social networking as well as research and getting things in order.

I am currently updating my iPhone software, which is taking way longer than I anticipated.

I had an interview regarding Blackbird earlier today which was great and I am excited to read the article. I really need to learn how to talk in interviews though, I am painful at articulating my responses.
I am hoping the interviewer could sift through my gibber jabber.

School has been going well, we are currently doing a scene study on Problem Child by George F. Walker and Clybourne Park by Bruce Norris with Weyni Mengesha who is stunning (physically) and really inspiring. She is also quite pregnant and provides for some hilarious stories. I feel honoured to be working with her.

We are continuing to work with her for the next two weeks.

My Student Loan is still in process and I need to send a few more things in order to receive the money I need. I am hoping that it wont take much longer, as I am reaching the bottom of the barrel. I am sure I am not the only student in this situation, but it really stinks to be in it. Waiting on money, that is essentially not yours, just so you can eat.

Student Life.

I feel like this is great preparation for the life ahead of me as a actor.

I'll take it in stride.

Blackbird won three more awards last week at the Atlantic Film Festival and is currently playing at The Cinefest in Sudbury, Ontario.

The press related to the film has been stellar and I am so stoked to have been part of such a film. I  hope it continues to garner great press.

It premiers in Canadian theatres on November 24th.

Here is some more press:

Stratford was a great experience. The amount of work that goes into every show was so inspiring. Every single person in that company is an asset and just as important as everyone else. I know it sounds naive, but you realize how small an actors job really is in a production. Whether it be theatre or film, the actor is just another piece of the puzzle that the director is putting together. I learned a lot over the weekend especially talking to Leah Doz and her last 8 months with the company. 

If you have never been, I highly recommend it. The shows were phenomenal. 

And if you are curious check out Weyni Mengesha @

Night Abyss

Monday, September 10, 2012

Settle Down

Hey Abyss,

I still do not have internet, so I am using the school's instead.

Bell was supposed to come install my internet on Sunday, but of course I gave them the wrong address. I told them that my address was 5389 when it is 5289, which I didn't know until one of my friends came to my new apartment the other night.

Looks like I will be waiting another week or more before I can have the luxury of internet at my own place...sigh.

It has been kind of cleansing to not have access though. I feel like it is always a nice choice so free yourself sometimes.

Just to clarify; my lack of internet is the reason I have not written in a while.

I have returned to Montreal and have started my second week in second year, which I am still getting used to. It is weird to know that I am not a first year anymore, that I am exactly in the middle of my education...

My apartment is great for what I need and the location is perfect, it is such a relief to come home during lunch and shower and eat quality food, rather than starve myself.

Since I am heading back into the school year there isn't going to be a lot of news about auditions and things but I will try to keep it interesting.

Last night Blackbird premiered to a full house at TIFF 2012. I wish I could have been there to support and see it. The director invited me to come but alas, I cannot miss school. He comforted me with information about the National release of the film in November.

So, if you did not see it at TIFF and cannot see it at either the Cinefest in Sudbury or the Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax, you may be able to see it near you in November (only in Canada).

My class and I are working with Nina Lee Aquino and David Yee this week on an original project for our final year. I am stoked to work with them both again and am really looking forward to what David writes for us. It is also kind of awesome to know what one of our shows are going to be next year way in advance.

We are headed to Sratford this weekend, which I have never been before, I am looking forward to seeing theatre on the big stage, especially where Sratford is so renowned. We are seeing: Cymbeline, The Matchmaker, Much Ado About Nothing and another which escapes me right now.  I am hoping to catch up with my friend Leah Doz, who is a huge inspiration to me and is working at Stratford right now.

I have to work on  project now, I apologize for the vague post.

Here is some info on Blackbird, see if you can spot me:

Night Abyss

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Get Me to the Ocean

Hey Abyss,

This is my last week in Nova Scotia before I head back to Montreal in prep for school, which starts on the 4th.

I finish my final week at The Marigold Centre with a great group of kids tomorrow. They have been awesome to work with, really open to my weird suggestions and are very creative. It has been a joy to spend my last week with them.

I only hope that I have inspired them enough to come back next year and hopefully have given them some direction in their own careers. They have certainly taught me a lot.

Filming Mr. D, last week was a good time. I ended up not having any lines which was disappointing, but am on screen quite a bit (basically glorified background; you have to start somewhere). Everyone was super nice on set and treated me with the upmost respect, which was really nice. Most of the crew recognized me from last year and we really interested in how school had gone for me, which was really cool.

One of the best parts of working in Halifax is that it is almost always the same crew members working on the sets, which creates some good relationships and contacts. Although the character 'return' was not exactly what I anticipated I am still extremely grateful for the opportunity to return to the show.

Here is hoping to a third season, and perhaps an expansion on my story line!

I have high hopes!

Some recent good news is that Blackbird (the film I shot last summer) is also part of the Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia and the Cinefest Sudbury International Film Festival in Ontario.

So the film is going to be seen by quite a few people and get quite a bit of coverage.

The dates so far are September 9th at 9:45pm and the 10th at 2pm for TIFF.

September 16th at 7:10pm at Parklane Mall in Halifax for the AFF.

And for the Cinefest check out here:

I feel so blessed to have this film playing so many places and perhaps you can catch me at one of these festivals on the big screen!

I am going off the grid for the next 4 days, because my girlfriend and I are going on vacation before I take off for a while. You can still tweet to me @wayne_burns and continue to check out my IMDB!

Night Abyss

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Up and Down We Go

Hey Abyss,

This week has been an interesting one.

I received some good news on Friday about finally getting rid of my old apartment in Montreal, which has been a dark cloud over my unprotected head for about 3 months. Now, all I have is the one place and I am stoked, because three apartments is far too much for a actor/student to have!

I went back to Halifax on the weekend and had a great dinner with my girlfriend and our friends, which was a much needed relaxation time. It was great to just come back and not worry about anything. The downside is that since I was in such a carefree and positive mood I spent far too much money and am kind of in a pinch this week.

H&M was/continues to kill my bank account.

I felt I owed it to myself to buy at least a shirt due to my lack of spending this summer.

So I caved.

Then to my disappointment I found out today that I am not receiving the paycheque amount I anticipated from All The Wrong Reasons, and there is not as many kids at my camp as there was supposed to be. So, I am in a 'financial' pickle at the current moment, but nothing that isn't still considered a first world problem.

Today I also found out that my character isn't being brought back on Mr. D with lines, I am really only being brought back as a glorified extra. This was disappointing to me as I thought that I was going to have some more interactions, like last season.

Apparently not.

I still get paid the same, but it is honestly the coverage that makes me happy. Now, the show is very much improvised on the day and so there may be opportunity to create some dialogue, and I am all about opportunities,  but I am not holding out for anything. At this point I am just grateful to be making some extra money.

This is kind of a depressing and pathetic post, alas, this is all I have right now.

Remember to follow me on twitter @wayne_burns and check out my IMDB I added pictures!!

Night Abyss

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sweet Talk

Hey Abyss,

If you have been reading of late some really cool things have been happening to me and in this post I will continue on the cool train.

I found out last night that the film I was in last summer called Bye, Bye Blackbird ( has changed it's name to solely Blackbird and was recently chosen as an Official Selection of the Toronto International Film Festival and is the only feature film from the Maritimes.

The two other (short) films that were chosen are: When You Sleep by Ashley Mackenzie and Crackin' Down Hard by Michael Clattenburg.

(Check them all out here:

I am going to try to make it to TIFF on the weekends when it does not interfere with school, as my school will be starting on the 4th but the festival runs until the 16th.

So, big ups to the director Jason Buxton and everyone involved.

Also, on another high point; I have been asked to be the Teenage Referee again this season on Mr. D!

They asked me on Tuesday and of course I jumped at the chance. I am unsure what I will be doing in the episode but I am excited to be asked back. I will be filming that on Thursday (16th) of next week.

I have been teaching at the Marigold Centre in my hometown of Truro, Nova Scotia all week and tomorrow the kids will being doing their performance. I feel so blessed to be able to have all these positive things happening to me and then be able to come home and give back to my community, via teaching Drama to kids and bringing awareness to the Arts.

It makes me happy to know that they walk away with smiles on their faces and also have dreams of one day being on a big stage somewhere. I am honoured that I can be part of their journey's and that they can be part of mine.

You can check out the IMDB on all the films mentioned above, and while you are there why not check out mine? And also my twitter: wayne_burns

Night Abyss

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Passion > Work

Hey Abyss,

Last time I posted it was raining and coincidentally it is also raining now, providing for the perfect opportunity to write and be studious. I am going to proceed down this road now.

Yesterday morning I travelled to the set of All The Wrong Reasons, starring Cory Monteith AKA Finn Hudson from Glee,  Kevin Zegers from Gossip Girl and Air Bud and a lot of other talented people. My scene (one HUGE line) was with Cory. I was stoked to meet him and one: confirm we was actually as tall as people have said, and two: See if he was a genuine as people had said.

Well the people were right on both counts.

The set was had an awesome feel to it, everything was really chill and the cast and crew were in really great moods despise the fact that they had been doing 7 days of night shoots that took them into the wee hours of the morning. This project was the directors first feature film and she was so pumped to see her bring child coming to life. Awesomely enough the director is from New Brunswick, so kudos to fellow Maritimer Gia Milani!

While preparing for the scene Cory and I got to talking about where I go to school, the National Theatre School of Canada, and he said that he had wanted to go there when he was my age and also mentioned that his mentor graduated from there. Throughout the shoot we continued to talk and Cory ended up offering me a drive back home.

On the drive home we talked about the projection of his career and how he was envious of the fact that I am getting to study where I am, as well as his life before and after Glee and how he wants to get back to the thing he loves which is making quality films (something I have huge respect for and share in the dream of). He told me about his life in Vancouver and offered me his email to keep him updated on my life and if I ever move to Vancouver to let him know.

He told me that the reason he wanted to drive me home was because he saw something in me and wanted to talk about what I had in store for myself. I felt so honoured to ride home in a car with someone who has reached the pinnacle of fame and still longs to make quality art and, of course, has rubbed shoulders with the big guys at the Oscars.

He is truly a humble and grateful person and it inspired me to make sure to always have my morals no matter where life chooses to take me.

The movie is scheduled to come to Canadian Theatres next year and will then be making a TV debut.

Here are some notable links about the movie and those involved:

Night Abyss

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Hey Abyss,

Not much has happened since my last entry, I have't heard back from the Haven audition that I submitted on Thursday of last week.

I am going to say its dead in the water, unfortunately. I guess it just wasn't my role. There will always be more!

I am back from teaching now and have two weeks before I start back up again in Truro at The Marigold Centre. I am excited to work back in my community again.

Yesterday I bussed down to Truro for an interview with Lenore Zann about theatre in Truro and how it is growing and the demand for it. It was awesome to have a chance to talk to Lenore about such progression and compare stories and have her voice such a positive insight into my own journey. She is local proof that it doesn't matter where you come from you can be successful if you believe.

It is this thought that continues to push me.

I went with my girlfriend to see The Dark Knight Rises last night and was yet again inspired to keep pushing to get there; in quality films. I am determined to make a name for myself, if not just in Nova Scotia but in Canada and wherever else will have me!

I have to continually keep reminding myself that the next two years are dedicated to my education and then my career can start full force. It is difficult to acknowledge that, but it is necessary. I have learned so much from this year and am only looking forward to becoming better and more aligned. I also have to keep reminding myself what things I have accomplished so far, which is a lot in a short period of time, and to relax and let things continue to come and focus on what is in front of me.

Right now I am focusing on my one line in All The Wrong Reasons that I say to Corey Monteith. Its been a struggle.

Thats all for now Abyss,


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When it Rains, It Pours.

Hey Abyss,

On Friday of last week I had an audition for a new film in Halifax called All the Wrong Reasons. I booked the part and am excited to say that I will be sharing a set with Corey Monteith, Adam Brody, Sarah Gadon, Emily Hampshire, Kevin Zegers and Denis Theriualt.

I am beyond stoked.

Hopefully I will get to meet them.

Now the reason for the title today is due to the fact that since being in Guysborough teaching drama to kids I have had more auditions offers then the rest of the summer.

Isn't that the way.

As soon as you are unavailable things start popping up. Luckily my agents are the best and are completely accommodating. Tomorrow morning I am auditioning for Haven yet again.

This is about my 7th time in three seasons. It is for two characters and I am learning the sides as we speak. It would be awesome to nab one of the roles because it films exactly when I am in between teaching jobs.

I was really worried that this summer I wouldn't work as much as I did last summer, but that seems to be perking up. Things have really be working out awesome in the last few days, which ties into my last post of when we stop stressing about life and what it holds for us, it can bring some wonderful opportunities to the table.

The kids I have been teaching this week have been really great and have been teaching me a lot about myself, which is always a plus. I sometimes forget how smart kids are, they are clever and always keep me on my toes. Tomorrow we are choreographing a piece together to prepare them for their performance on Friday and I am excited to see how they will react to being on an actual stage this year (last year we were in a community hall).

I am so happy with how things are going in my life right now, and I really looking forward to taking the happiness and inspiration back to school with me. I feel this year is going to be an important one developmentally and I am ready for the challenge.

Thanks for listening and follow me on Twitter @wayne_burns, and check out my IMDB.

All the Wrong Reasons -->

Night Abyss

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sunny Days are for Sitting in Bed

Hey Abyss,

It's Wednesday and I am thinking that this may be a good day to get into the habit of writing on. At least for the rest of the summer, which is going by so quickly!

Not much has changed since my last post, I am still doing the readings for Mr. D which has been awesome. Hanging out with the cast and just being treated so equally has been really encouraging.

Not that I have been rejected my whole life, just its nice to feel like part of the team.  There is really no way I can make what I said sound less pathetic so lets just leave it as that...It has been a really wonderful experience.

I went into see my agents yesterday and I potentially have a feature film audition coming up, it just depends whether I can get into audition before I leave for Guysborugh, which is where I am teaching next week. So, that is good news, It would be a day player spot, which is perfect because I am not in the position to have anymore than a few days on set. I say this only because after my frugal two months of living off my girlfriend I will finally have a surplus of money from teaching for the last half of the summer, so I don't want to have to bail on the kids.

I am really looking forward to teaching again this year, I feel after being away at school and just coming into my own a little but more I have a clearer image of how I want to teach and what things to start instilling in the talented rascals that give me company every year for four weeks. Kids really teach me so much about my own craft, they are so true to their emotions and provide such a blunt and unfazed view of reality. They tell you straight up if you are bad or good, or funny or stupid and its with this honesty that you learn as an adult to stop being in your head so much and just let life move through you.

Teaching them truly is a continual inspiration.

Yesterday we received out tentative itinerary for the upcoming school year and I am beyond excited to work with the people we are which includes: Nina Lee Aquino, David Yee, Adam Lazarus, Jodi Essery, Wenyi Mengesha, Maiko Bae Yamamoto, Antoine Bedard AKA Montag, AndrewWade, Jill Kiely and Many others.

I feel so blessed to be attending a school that gives me such opportunity to explore so many facets of this profession.

Last week I went to see a show called She Has A Name, and I was rather disappointed with it. I paid 27 dollars for the show which had an amazing premise so I felt I was going to be blown away. The opposite happened and I was continually distracted by the moving fabric of the set pieces, instead of the text. The show is currently touring Canada and the company is based out of Red Deer. The piece is about sex trafficking in Bangkok, but never really delves into the sheer madness of what occurs there. They raise awareness with the piece but does not leave me with nightmares about what the poor boys and girls go through everyday. And in my opinion, if you are going to do something controversial I expect to see controversy. But perhaps that is just me. The text was written by Andrew Kooman and was produced by Burnt Thicket Theatre.

Then I went to see Shakepeare by the Sea here in Halifax and I was blown away. Perhaps it was due to the disappointment of the last show, or perhaps the cast was just phenomenal. I think it was bit of both.

Thats it for now,

Night Abyss.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Empty Pockets, Full Heart.

Hey Abyss,

I have been super lazy on the entries of late.

First off the important business.

Auditions to date: 2

Jobs Obtained from Audtions: 0

I am currently working as a reader on the set of Mr. D, which airs on CBC (I'll post more info on the show in a link below). A reader is either someone who reads the opposite character of the sides in an audition or, in my case, is asked to come in and read the day-player parts of the script in aid of the actors and writers to get a feel for how the episode will run.

Kind of like workshopping a theatre script.

I am having a blast doing that and get to hang out with all the main cast, which is awesome. And the money is great, which is really wonderful at this point considering I am still paying for THREE apartments. But that's a long story.

I have been going to as much theatre as I can afford and have seen a wide variety of it. The standout so far is a show called Science Inaction written by Griffin McInnis who is the playwright in house at 2b Theatre Company. The show was really really great in all respects. I love walking away from a show that excites me about my own career, that I say, "I want to do that kind of theatre". It made my week.

So thank you Griffin and Wits End Theatre.

I have basically stopped looking for a Joe Job considering that I start teaching in two weeks, but money is tight. It has been a real struggle this year for money, but I have finally come to terms with the fact that  I am going to continue to have money problems my entire under-waged actor life. Luckily I have a girlfriend who allows me to mooch off of her like a leech, I don't know how long that will last...

Coming up: I am currently involved with a public reading of Michael Healey's controversial play Proud, and that will be going up on the 7th of July, which is Saturday! I am stoked for that and am really hoping for a good turn out. I am playing Jake.

With all my spare time I have been trying to get on top of the things in my life that need some attention, such as getting my passport and acquiring my dual citizenship. As well as getting healthy again and trying to dress better.

It is funny, the less you have the more you experiment and make things work. I really only have enough money for food and the gym, so that is all I do. This is ultimately not a bad thing, I feel really great both inside and out and am not spending all my money on things I don't need. It really is sometimes better to downsize because then you see what you really need and use.

Life lessons.

What a trip.

I am going to post some links to the aforementioned things and hope that you check them out and enjoy them as much as I did.

Science Inaction -->

Proud -->

Mr D. -->

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Night Abyss

Monday, June 11, 2012

A little less conversation.

Hey Abyss,

The last few weeks have been a combination of really busy and really slow. I am currently still looking for a job due to my dwindling bank account and have found myself employed at multiple establishments with no guarantee for work, which is quite helpful at this stage.

Currently I am an actor, a pirate who can do children's parties, a knife salesman, a camp councillor and I am waiting to hear back from a garbage collector job. I am really holding out for the last one because it is promising continuous work and a reliable paycheque. With possession of this job I will swiftly change my name to Wayne 'Garbage Man Extrodinaire' Burns, as recommended by my ever supportive mother.

I had a job interview for Apple on Saturday and it was such a great experience, they really create an environment that you would be crazy not to want to work in. The operative word there being crazy. Everyone is just so happy and loves life and the products. All part of their marketing scheme, which of course has made them over 50 billion dollars worth of sales. As the rep said, "That is 6,000 dollars per square foot of the earth...", thats a lot of monies.

Here is hoping that I can find something to make me money, other than having to resort to selling myself and changing my name to Wayne 'Stripper Extrodinaire"Burns. Of course Channing Tatum did it and now there is movie being made about it....

So with all of my free time I have been spending most of it with my Sugar Mama girlfriend who has basically allowed me to leech off of her for the last month in promise of me hitting her back with the funds when I become employed. What a great girl.

There has been no auditions for anything...which is rather depressing. It doesn't look like this summer is gonna be as lucrative as the last one, unfortunately. I have been involved in two shows though since my return and they went really well. The first was SOLOICIOUS which was spearheaded by Sebastein Hiens and was performed at the Bus Stop Theatre in Halifax ( It was a festival of sorts where about 8 performers all did solo work that spanned many mediums. It was a sold out evening and will hopefully make a comeback next year. I was so impressed with the talent involved in the project.

Next show was something called a evening of short plays, which is exactly how is sounds. This was put on by Once Upon a Theatre Collective in the same place (Bus Stop Theatre:!/onceupontheatre). It was an awesome experience as well. We had about 12 hours to direct and perform a piece, a challenge but well worth it.

That has been the extent of my perfuming in the last little bit, other than a reading of Michael Healey's play Proud which was rejected by Tarragon Theatre in Toronto. And a play by Mark Ravenhill called Shopping and Fucking, which was interesting to say the least.

That is all there is right now, but I will keep you as updated as possible and will tell you what interesting things I find in the garbage while picking up all the things you throw on the ground.

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Night Abyss


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back in the Groove


Alright so it has been almost a week since I have been home, to be exact 5 days. Most of those days, or rather, all of those days have been spent catching up with my friends and girlfriend who has the patience of Job to deal with me and my radical behaviour.

So now that "vacation" is over it is time to start getting back on the streets and selling myself.

Wow, didn't think that through.

I am in progress of updating all my resume's and photos to bring into my agency tomorrow in attempts to garner at least as much work as last summer. Hopefully more.

I am flat broke this time around and will probably have to cave to working at a gas station or McDonalds, both of which I think would be quite interesting to work at. But enough about my potential unemployment and more about the opportunities that are coming about!

I have probably already mentioned my involvement in a festival created my one of my fellow NTS'rs, Sebastien Heins, who graduated earlier this month. He and I as well as 4 other performers are showing our talents in a two hour evening on the 27th at 8pm at the Bus Stop Theatre in Halifax. I am stoked for this show because it will be the first time I have performed my Vocal Masque outside of school and I also get to meet a lot of cool people, which is always a bonus.

After this I, potentially, have a gig on June 4th, which is an evening of short plays and I have been tentatively cast in this as well! So some good coverage coming up, but no monies.

So here is hoping that I can get some film work ASAP. For my cats sake.

Also, my girlfriend and I went to see "Fishing' by Jeremy Webb and Stacy Smith. It was awesome if you have the chance to see it, do it.

Just a short one tonight, but I will keep you posted. Check out my twitter and IMDB!

Night Abyss.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tub Dreaming - A Return

Hey Abyss,

Look, I know its been a while buddy but I have concluded that there is really no point in my writing about my progress in school. It would get repetitive and boring, and on a side note the training at NTS is one that cannot described. So I come to you with news of my return.

I am going to be making weekly entry's now that, one, I have time due to the ending of school for the summer, and, two, I am heading back to Halifax for job hunting! So lets dive in:

Today is my 4th day in my empty apartment. The only things to keep me busy are my cats, a computer with limited internet connection and a newly polished off 4kg container of peanut butter. Sounds like a ballin' time eh? I have been sleeping in my bathtub because my bed has been moved to my new apartment, that is about a half hour away, and I have slowly been packing my ONE bag with the essentials that I think I am going to need for 4 months.

This past week has been an eventful one full of much drama and learning. I will start off with my Monday of last week which started with me falling down Mount Royal and having my hand crushed and splitting my pinkie open. After a trip to the emergency room, with help from a man I had just met that night, I was back in my apartment with a stitched hand and a now lost iPod. Needless to say, I have learned to not drink 6 litres of Heineken and go rock climbing after a Canadian Solider, the guy who helped me, has told me not to.

My hand was pretty swollen earlier this week and so I could do nothing for myself, and I mean nothing.

Picture personal things, yeah those I couldn't do either.

So I needed a lot of help and was surprised by the amount of people who called and offered to help my in any way they could. Except with the personal things.

On Wednesday two of my friends helped me move all my furniture over to one of the three apartments I am currently paying for.

A quote : "You always know who your friends are when you see who shows up after you ask for help moving." Jesse LaVercombe.

I was happy to get that all done in less then two hours, but had forgotten that now I had nothing in my apartment which has made for, as mentioned earlier, a grand 'ol time.

Let's just say I think that my cats and I know each other really well now.

My hand has slowly been healing and if you follow my Twitter or Facebook you can see the damage as of yesterday. It reminds me of Frankenstein.

Always an attractive feature to have when appealing to women.

I am leaving for home on wednesday night of this week coming and am stoked to see my family again, although my dear mother laughed at me when I called her and told her what happened on the mountain. It will be nice to have a home cooked meal, or at least a free trip to MacDonalds. I am excited to see all my friends and catch up with people who I have missed for the 8 months I have been here. And most importantly getting some more acting work!

I am praying, for my student loan sake, that this summer will be lucrative and I can make some money and get a decent amount of coverage again. I feel so out of the loop with my city and I am anxious to get back and start annoying people with my public appearances.

I don't want to prattle on for too long but hopefully this has answered the question as to why I have not been writing. And if you have any other questions for me put them in the comment box below.

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Peace Abyss.