Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to Routine; Excitement vs. Frightment


I think it has been just shy of a week since last post, so it is due time for one!

First of all; School is back in session tomorrow which proves both exciting and frightening at the same time. I am excited to get back into the educational and routine aspects, but have procrastinated amazingly over the break and am quite worried that I will be behind.

This is probably the case, who am I kidding.

I have spent most of the day reading and memorizing monologues and plays, which people say doesn't take as long as reading a book but I find it just as time consuming. For those of you who may know me I have a very short attention span and although I like to read, especially plays, I find it hard to stay focused.

Also, my cats have been extremely hyperactive recently and it is stressing me out. They are seriously like monkeys jumping everywhere and ignoring me. Worse than kids sometimes.

I applied to NTS, George Brown and Sheridan today though, so I feel extremely excited and frightened about that as well. I was talking to one of my close friends tonight who is currently at Ryerson, which i will be applying to later on when I have the money, and he is validating the intimidating process of audition for the schools. I guess there is just some days where I feel like I am no better than the average kid trying to make it as an actor. Like, my friend was saying that if there is like 1500 kids that audition there is a third of them that just plain suck, then there are some that are good, and then the last third are the ones that are your competition. I just feel like even the bad kids are the competition, like who is saying that I am in the last third? I guess that is my mission to make sure I am in the best portion. I am just intimidated because I have such short amounts of time to prepare everything. But alas, the job of an actor.

I just want to get accepted at least somewhere, you know, for my dignity. That I am not a complete waste of life. I always feel like I don't have enough time for things, like if I don't go for things now I wont have a chance later. I really just want to feel like I am doing the most in my life. I have this phobia of becoming a deadbeat, among other things.

Last weekend I took part in a show called Teenage Sex Party written by Thom Fitzgerald. I performed it at an event called 24 hour theatre, something I stumbled upon that has been happening for 5 years! It was such an awesome experience due to the time restraint of 24 hours. You as actors get the script for the latter of the 24 hours and have 12 to make it a show with costumes lighting and sound. Ours turned out great. Surprisingly we had a great turnout for audience with some rather important people in it.

I will continue filming the short film in the next coming weeks and am looking forward to that.

I hate winter.

I lost my mittens.

and I refuse to wear long johns.

I should live in Florida.

I have school tomorrow so I am going to get ready for bed now. I will do my best to keep with the updates.

Night, Abyss.