Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hiatus Numero 2

Hey Abyss,

I know it has been A WHILE since my last post. There is an explanation; as there always is.

I stopped posting because some wicked news came about, ironic I know, I just had to wait before I released it. You see, back in December I was involved in a workshop of a new play called "Tough Case" it was written by playwright David S. Craig, who resides in Canada. He collaborated with a woman who had commissioned a project on Restorative Justice and making it aware to teens through a provincial tour. It has been a project in the works for about three years and has just now been finalized and cast.

I, who had the opportunity to be exposed to the play through the workshop, have been cast as, the lead character, the felon in the show and am currently on the provincial tour. The reason I had to withhold this information was due the fact that I had to leave the program I was training at and I didn't want my classmates/teachers to find out before I was able to break the news to them.  Thankfully they were all supportive and understanding.

So I have been in reahearsal for the last three weeks and it qualifies as my first Equity show! I am almost positive this makes me an Equity Apprentice with the CAEA.

For those of you who may not know exactly what that is, it is basically the union for Theatre Actors. If I am Equity I am able to be part of the union, thus giving me more protection and support as well as benefits. I feel it is a big plus to be within the union. Of course I need to gather 5 more credits within a 3 year span to become full Equity. Lots of legal jargon.

So, rehearsal was awesome I am working with a lot of talented people and I am so grateful to learn from them. We are on tour for 7 weeks so I will make sure to keep you updated.

I am getting my first Mac tomorrow and I am super pumped, and will of course be using it more than my current computer which I loathe. Hence more posts and less apologies.

On Monday I attended the Theatre award ceremony for the province and it was wicked, kind of like a mini Oscar ceremony. Loads of talent in one room and just a wonderful night of fun and recognizing the talent that comes out of our province. We have so much. It is amazing how much society undermines art, when it is the one way we can always express ourselves. Without art we have nothing. That may be bold, but I feel it is true.

This Month I auditioned for two of the schools I applied to, due to the touring schedule I could not audition for all 4, Sheridan College and National Theatre School. I have not heard back from either but I did receive Recommended Direct Admission at Sheridan which puts me into the top picks for the school. This is wicked.  I have yet to hear anything from National Theatre School due to they are still auditioning till April then will release the callback dates. So here I wait, like a good actor.

A lot of little things have happened during my absence but I would go on forever retelling it all. I feel that this a sufficient amount at the current moment and you can expect more frequent updates soon.

Any questions dont hesiate to comment or drop me an email.

Night Abyss.