Thursday, May 19, 2011



So today I leave Montreal.

Today is a sad day. I am hoping that with this emotion lain on this day that I will not crash before I get home (knock on wood).

I had my audition yesterday and I think it went well. Personally, my new material was the best it could have been. So I was happy with that.

The auditors had me work with my Shakespeare text, which made perfect sense to me because I am so uneducated in the whole realm of Shakespeare. Not to make his work sound like a weird video game involving goblins and elves. Although that would probably help me understand him more.

The text is just so beautiful that I find it difficult to bring that same beauty into my words.

Anyway, I was the very last to audition for them which can be perceived as a good thing I suppose or a bad thing if I was awful. I am really unsure at this point.

There is this feeling in the back of my mind that I am not getting in. I just feel like the chances are so low and I feel like I didn't do exactly what they were looking for yesterday and that I could have done better. Its just so hard to tell, where they do the same process to so many other people in the exact same boat as me. Its out of my hands now though.

They said they would be letting people know in two weeks as to what their decisions were. I almost don't want to know... I am just glad I have things distracting me for the next few weeks.

I start shooting Blackbird on Tuesday and I am stoked beyond reason. I am currently weighing my options as to wether I should shave my head down to velcro or keep it the way it is right now, which is kind of like a baby seal..

Wow, my life is about as exciting as you can get. This is said sarcastically.

I was sent the character breakdown for a show that is being done this summer and I am going to submit for it. The characters are a little bit older than me but I feel like, "what the hell?" Its more audition experience.

Anyway, thats basically it. I am going to try and see some shows this week. Possible reviews are in tow.

Night Abyss

Monday, May 16, 2011

Wooden Feet


The last few weeks have been insanely busy for me.

Hense the lack of creative writing.

To recap: I received a callback to The National Theatre School, which is the last portion of the auditions that they do before choosing the 12 students for their program. I have come to terms with myself that I will probably not be one of those 12. And if I am, I am going to cry like a pre teen girl at the sight of Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling yelling at each other in the rain.

Now to salvage my masculinity.

I am currently taking a break from my pieces to write this update. I have worked really hard on them and have had some awesome coaching sessions with some extremely talented and just all around great people. I am going to channel as much of their talent as I can. I am forever thankful to them for helping me the way they have.

Since the National Theatre School is in Montreal, I had to fly up for the audition. So I am here now and my audition is on Wednesday (Today is Monday).  I am staying with one of my friends up here so as not to cost me money in hotels. But his apartment is pretty much a hotel. It seriously looks like something out of an Ikea magazine. Living for free. Oh yeah.

Although I am compelled to pose on the different furniture of the apartment, as if I am in the magazine as well, I can't due to that there is a French dude here who is attempting to fix a modem that is not working.

SO here I am barely knowing any French, and left alone because my friend had to go to rehearsal, with the French technician who doesn't speak any English. So, we have found a successful way of communicating by grunting and motioning with our hands, similar to that of Neanderthals. It makes me think about how language came to be...

At times I almost felt like the Miracle worker where I am putting words into his mouth, luckily we haven't had to share any moments under a water pump.

I am stoked to be here and my nervousness is setting in. I am going to go back to work now.

Also, I start filming Blackbird next week and the tour has come to an end. Now I just have to find some work after the movie....

Night Abyss.