Monday, November 12, 2012

The Seagull

Hey Abyss,

This week we start seeding work on Anton Chekhov's The Seagull, which my class will be performing in the new year as one of our three studio performances. Our version is being directed by Tanja Jacobs and I am really pumped to meet and work with her for the next little bit. We are working with her for the next two weeks and then will be moving onto work with Yael Farber and Strindberg's Miss Julie. Leaving only one week after that before Christmas Break happens.

Things are moving so fast, its nuts.

During this time we have to be working on our Solo Show which will be presented in March of the new year (our second studio show). This is more or less a "moon project" it is always orbiting whatever we presently have going on. I am still trying to find things to write about for this project, but as time goes on I feel that something will inspire me and I will go like a locomotive. The essence of the project is we have full creative liberty over what we want to present, but we have to write and perform alone onstage for 15 minutes. Kind of scary, but also exciting.

To touch on the last two weeks, after Maiko and Antoine, we worked with Nina Lee Aquino and David Yee on a new play he is writing for my class. We basically workshopped for the rest of the week and now have a full text and were asked to continue exploring that until we receive a revised draft closer to December 14th, which is when we are doing a staged reading of it. I really like the play and hope that we will be able to bring it into full production in our third year.

Nina and David are great.

And last week we had the most amazing Shakespeare Voice class with none other than Andrew Wade, who has worked with the likes of Judy Dench and Gwyneth Paltrow. He was so great, I learned so much from him in 6 days and kind of wish that we had him more often. Definitely a memorable moment from NTS.

Not much else has been happening of late, I am getting over a cold brought on by the inconsistent weather changes here in Montreal. So thats nice.

Blackbird is still making its rounds, which warms my heart.

It did well in Warsaw, and is playing in Rome these next few days. It will make its theatrical release in Paris during the month of February. A North American release has not been decided yet.

My break from reading the two versions of The Seagull, has been used to write this entry so I am going to go back to reading.

Thanks to all the readers who continue to read my ramblings, it means a lot.

Night Abyss

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