Monday, June 11, 2012

A little less conversation.

Hey Abyss,

The last few weeks have been a combination of really busy and really slow. I am currently still looking for a job due to my dwindling bank account and have found myself employed at multiple establishments with no guarantee for work, which is quite helpful at this stage.

Currently I am an actor, a pirate who can do children's parties, a knife salesman, a camp councillor and I am waiting to hear back from a garbage collector job. I am really holding out for the last one because it is promising continuous work and a reliable paycheque. With possession of this job I will swiftly change my name to Wayne 'Garbage Man Extrodinaire' Burns, as recommended by my ever supportive mother.

I had a job interview for Apple on Saturday and it was such a great experience, they really create an environment that you would be crazy not to want to work in. The operative word there being crazy. Everyone is just so happy and loves life and the products. All part of their marketing scheme, which of course has made them over 50 billion dollars worth of sales. As the rep said, "That is 6,000 dollars per square foot of the earth...", thats a lot of monies.

Here is hoping that I can find something to make me money, other than having to resort to selling myself and changing my name to Wayne 'Stripper Extrodinaire"Burns. Of course Channing Tatum did it and now there is movie being made about it....

So with all of my free time I have been spending most of it with my Sugar Mama girlfriend who has basically allowed me to leech off of her for the last month in promise of me hitting her back with the funds when I become employed. What a great girl.

There has been no auditions for anything...which is rather depressing. It doesn't look like this summer is gonna be as lucrative as the last one, unfortunately. I have been involved in two shows though since my return and they went really well. The first was SOLOICIOUS which was spearheaded by Sebastein Hiens and was performed at the Bus Stop Theatre in Halifax ( It was a festival of sorts where about 8 performers all did solo work that spanned many mediums. It was a sold out evening and will hopefully make a comeback next year. I was so impressed with the talent involved in the project.

Next show was something called a evening of short plays, which is exactly how is sounds. This was put on by Once Upon a Theatre Collective in the same place (Bus Stop Theatre:!/onceupontheatre). It was an awesome experience as well. We had about 12 hours to direct and perform a piece, a challenge but well worth it.

That has been the extent of my perfuming in the last little bit, other than a reading of Michael Healey's play Proud which was rejected by Tarragon Theatre in Toronto. And a play by Mark Ravenhill called Shopping and Fucking, which was interesting to say the least.

That is all there is right now, but I will keep you as updated as possible and will tell you what interesting things I find in the garbage while picking up all the things you throw on the ground.

Check me out on twitter @wayne_burns, and my IMDB and check out the interview and review of SOLOICIOUS below.

Night Abyss