Monday, November 8, 2010

Asperagus: The Healthy Alternative


Alright, well quite a few things have happened since last time. I shall not divulge in every tidbit but more the things that are of humorous purpose and interest.

Audition Update:
I am currently waiting to hear back about a commercial audition, which I feel very un-confident about.

A few things have happened in the last few weeks other than my school, which I am truly enjoying! We are consistently working which keeps me on my toes but does not help in my eating schedule. I am finding that I have a desire to get back into my intense fitness schedule, but unfortunately have no time for that either. Oh, January. The time when everyone makes resolutions to not follow up.

Speaking of January, I am truly excited because this is when I will be purchasing the computer that I have wet dreams about; The Macbook Pro.

I am also starting to apply for school in September, wish me luck.

Now for the story.

This weekend, Friday actually, my classmate contacted me in regards to a guy being needed for some work on a TV show. Of course I jumped at the chance and plans were made to attend the filming. Due to my lack of car we had to ask one of my buddies to drive us to the location (about and hour away). We got to the location in ample time. The place of filming was taking place in a small desolate town about 10 kilometers from another sleepy University town. We were told to be on set around 8:30, we then figured we would be out by 11 so that my friend could drive us back. This was our error. You see, on film sets you just wait and wait till your scene, they don't care how long it takes to get to you. Which was fine due to the fact that we were getting paid to sit. The unfortunate thing was that my friend had to be home by 12, so around 11 we knew that we weren't going to be done for some time. He left and we stayed.

Fast forward to 2:30am.

We are still sitting and I finally get called in. I am in a scene with Jason Priestly (famous from the original 90210). That goes well, and then my classmate and I film a scene. Then we finally finish at 3:00am.

We realize that we have no where to stay in this town.

It is also raining cats and dogs, and we have 4 bags of luggage.

I think fast and remember the closest place where I know we MAY be able to stay is 10km away.

We walked.

We walked for 10km in the rain with luggage.

My legs still hurt.

We found a shopping cart which made for easier transport of the luggage, but not for us as the shopping cart was not powered by a motor.

After 2 and a half hours we fianlly got back to the University town and slept on the street.

Well, I slept, whilst my classmate partook in the Downward Dog position under the shelter of a roof.

Around 6am, I called my friend at the University and we slept for the rest of the time in her dorm. Sleeping so well we missed our bus back home.

Here we were, drenched and trying to kill time in a minuscule town waiting for the other of the two buses that leave and head back to our place of residence. Thankfully my friend did her best in entertaining us and provided wonderful end to a crazy day.

We made it. And I had managed to spend an accurate 24 hours with one of my classmates. I suppose marriage is in order..

That was my weekend. Slept on the street, made it on HBO and walked 10km in the rain at 3 in the morning.

I am willing to do all this and more to make it. And I will.

Night Abyss.