Friday, February 4, 2011

One Month,One Day

Time freaking flies.

A cool thing happened of late. Well it has been over a month since my last post, so technically multiple things have happened.

I have of course been working nonstop as well as attending school, which I am growing quite fond of. The second semester is going really well versus the last one. I have also been trying to get as much work as possible with acting for obvious reasons.

In the next coming weeks some great things are happening. But first lets talk about the past.

Most recently I was the lead character in a reading of a show called With Bated Breath. For those of you who may not know of this show let me provide a little back story...

Bryden Macdonald is the playwright and the show deputed in Montreal April 21st 2009. It then went on to win multiple Canadian Theatre awards. So, last week a man named Thom Fitzgerald (director of Three Needles) who is a friend of Bryden's chose to commission a reading of the play to expose the show to the community where I live. I was chosen to be the lead character after auditioning for Thom and I got to work with some of the top actors in the city on the project. We had a day to get everything together and present it the same night at a showing which Bryden attended. Meaning, I got to meet him and schmooze with some really great people.

There is some great news that I have to save till later due to confidentiality. I can't wait to inform you.

My agent is working super hard to get me into as many things as possible to expose me to as many people as she can.

I have a couple short film auditions in the next coming weeks and I will update with those outcomes.

I have not met Ellen Page yet, but I am hoping to run into her soon.

That's it so far.

Night Abyss.