Sunday, September 23, 2012

Back In

Hey Abyss,

Still no sign of internet at my apartment yet. It is difficult to get down to the Bell Store with my schedule at school. It is definitely a goal this week to set up another appointment with the right address this time.

Due to my lack of internet I have to come to the school and get all I need to accomplish in one sitting, then go home.

The last few hours have been a compilation of emails and social networking as well as research and getting things in order.

I am currently updating my iPhone software, which is taking way longer than I anticipated.

I had an interview regarding Blackbird earlier today which was great and I am excited to read the article. I really need to learn how to talk in interviews though, I am painful at articulating my responses.
I am hoping the interviewer could sift through my gibber jabber.

School has been going well, we are currently doing a scene study on Problem Child by George F. Walker and Clybourne Park by Bruce Norris with Weyni Mengesha who is stunning (physically) and really inspiring. She is also quite pregnant and provides for some hilarious stories. I feel honoured to be working with her.

We are continuing to work with her for the next two weeks.

My Student Loan is still in process and I need to send a few more things in order to receive the money I need. I am hoping that it wont take much longer, as I am reaching the bottom of the barrel. I am sure I am not the only student in this situation, but it really stinks to be in it. Waiting on money, that is essentially not yours, just so you can eat.

Student Life.

I feel like this is great preparation for the life ahead of me as a actor.

I'll take it in stride.

Blackbird won three more awards last week at the Atlantic Film Festival and is currently playing at The Cinefest in Sudbury, Ontario.

The press related to the film has been stellar and I am so stoked to have been part of such a film. I  hope it continues to garner great press.

It premiers in Canadian theatres on November 24th.

Here is some more press:

Stratford was a great experience. The amount of work that goes into every show was so inspiring. Every single person in that company is an asset and just as important as everyone else. I know it sounds naive, but you realize how small an actors job really is in a production. Whether it be theatre or film, the actor is just another piece of the puzzle that the director is putting together. I learned a lot over the weekend especially talking to Leah Doz and her last 8 months with the company. 

If you have never been, I highly recommend it. The shows were phenomenal. 

And if you are curious check out Weyni Mengesha @

Night Abyss

Monday, September 10, 2012

Settle Down

Hey Abyss,

I still do not have internet, so I am using the school's instead.

Bell was supposed to come install my internet on Sunday, but of course I gave them the wrong address. I told them that my address was 5389 when it is 5289, which I didn't know until one of my friends came to my new apartment the other night.

Looks like I will be waiting another week or more before I can have the luxury of internet at my own place...sigh.

It has been kind of cleansing to not have access though. I feel like it is always a nice choice so free yourself sometimes.

Just to clarify; my lack of internet is the reason I have not written in a while.

I have returned to Montreal and have started my second week in second year, which I am still getting used to. It is weird to know that I am not a first year anymore, that I am exactly in the middle of my education...

My apartment is great for what I need and the location is perfect, it is such a relief to come home during lunch and shower and eat quality food, rather than starve myself.

Since I am heading back into the school year there isn't going to be a lot of news about auditions and things but I will try to keep it interesting.

Last night Blackbird premiered to a full house at TIFF 2012. I wish I could have been there to support and see it. The director invited me to come but alas, I cannot miss school. He comforted me with information about the National release of the film in November.

So, if you did not see it at TIFF and cannot see it at either the Cinefest in Sudbury or the Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax, you may be able to see it near you in November (only in Canada).

My class and I are working with Nina Lee Aquino and David Yee this week on an original project for our final year. I am stoked to work with them both again and am really looking forward to what David writes for us. It is also kind of awesome to know what one of our shows are going to be next year way in advance.

We are headed to Sratford this weekend, which I have never been before, I am looking forward to seeing theatre on the big stage, especially where Sratford is so renowned. We are seeing: Cymbeline, The Matchmaker, Much Ado About Nothing and another which escapes me right now.  I am hoping to catch up with my friend Leah Doz, who is a huge inspiration to me and is working at Stratford right now.

I have to work on  project now, I apologize for the vague post.

Here is some info on Blackbird, see if you can spot me:

Night Abyss