Monday, June 13, 2011

I am someone


So good news, as of this Wednesday coming I am finally part of ACTRA. This accomplishment is something that I have been trying to achieve since I started this blog, about 8 months ago. I am proud to say I am finally a member of the organization that enables me to be part of professional film/TV projects and get adequate payment!

This probably means nothing to you reading this, but for me it is a big deal and I am stoked to have it.

I auditioned for Mick Garris' new feature film last week and it was probably the hardest audition I have had to do, including NTS....

I don't feel like I did my best and all I can really do is wait to see what happens. I am hoping  for a callback but I don't see that happening due to the fact that the start filming on the 20th...

Alas, the life of an actor. I love it.

I am currently at my Joe job right now doing nothing because it is slower than molasses going uphill in winter, an expression that my grandfather would be proud of me using. What up Gramp?

I am moving back into my friends apartment  ASAP, I told my landlord this information today. She will probably forget seeing as even after 9 months she still doesn't know my name... as referenced before; quite like an ork.

Anyway I have to do some training... night abyss

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer is Beginning


So I am actually at work right now and because it is so boring and dead, similar to that of a childhood goldfish I am writing this to pass the time.

I have still not heard from Haven, which at this point I am assuming I did not get the role. For those of you who did not understand this statement; I had an audition last week for the TV series Haven.

This morning I was offered a job teaching for 5 days in July and I took the job unaware of the phone call I would receive later today from my agent.

I got a call regarding an audition for Stephen King's new film adaption of his book Bag of Bones. Mick Garris is directing and they are shooting in my city! So I have an audition on Friday for one of the roles, so I am pretty stoked. If I end up getting the role it is an 8 week shoot and will be airing on A&E.

Hello, American market, My name is Wayne.

That is basically it at the current moment. Just waiting for work to end so I can start packing.

PS. The Gym hasn't been working too effectively, I ripped my pants last time I was there. I need to muster up the courage to go back....

Night abyss

Thursday, June 2, 2011

And That's a Wrap!


Alright so long time no post, as per usual..

I have been super busy with auditions for school and shows and what not so I am back to fill you  in like a jelly filled pastry.

As you were aware I was in Montreal for a bit auditioning for the National Theatre School of Canada. I was extremely nervous and felt like I had completely failed at life and had no chance of being accepted. I was on my way to the airport the following day feeling satisfied that I had seen most of the beautiful city that is Montreal, when I received the greatest phone call of my life thus far. I am now one of the 12 in Canada to be accepted to the National theatre School! I am stoked beyond reason and cannot wait to move in September.

I am currently looking for accommodations and will be pursuing that a little more closer to the actual date. I am finally moving out of my apartment and will be moving back in with my buddy from last summer. Stoked x2.

After I got back from Montreal I went right into filming Bye Bye Blackbird, which is the new title, and have been on set everyday until yesterday. It was such and awesome experience and I am so grateful to have had it. The talent that I was working with is phenomenal. I will post some links below regarding the film.

In short that is basically what has been going on over the last 2 weeks. Super busy and super great.

I have two auditions this week, one for a short film and one for the TV series Haven. Hopefully those will result in work.

I am going to actually try and commit to more regular posting...seriously. here are the links.

night abyss!