Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sometimes I feel like a Priest . . .

Man Oh Man,

11 days since my last post! Sorry Abyss, I have been super busy, as per always. I am going to do my best to at least (the stress on least) have an entry a week. That's my goal. So here we go...

I love my day job, I say that in the most sincere way possible. I really do love it. The people whom I have to service however I do not enjoy. The last few days for me have been more painstaking than usual. I have had the most difficult customers I think I have ever dealt with. It is awful how people think they have the right to treat you like crap because you are a young person and are working. Personally, those are rather illegitimate excuses to have it out for someone, especially someone who's generation are the people who are going to be changing your diapers and writing your prescriptions.

Just food for thought.

I understand that it is a two way street, for all those devil's advocates out there reading this. Let me assure you I could have been more nice, but when you offend me I get defensive. So again, reiterating the two way street; I will be nice to you if you are nice to me. I always do my best to be a positive person when it comes to customer service because you are the face of the company you represent, so I strive to be pleasant to deal with.

In all  honesty though, sometimes I actually feel like a priest.

Which was not part of my job listing.

Today, a man came in with his father (no pun intended) and felt the need to disclose how much money the man was making and how many Master Degrees he had and ranted on and on about his life in general and how phones are designed badly because the end call button is also the power off button. After explaining that I myself could not call up Samsung and tell them that their, and the rest of the companies, cellphone designs are ridiculous for people with 5 Masters Degrees to understand I was actually considering telling him to also do a few "Hail Mary" --s before he left. I am all for listening to some people ramble sometimes, but my store is the busiest in our region and there were other people waiting. It is hard to keep the pleasantries up at that rate.

I mean of course this is customer service and I know there will be the random crazies, but alas I get frustrated easily when things aren't compliant to the over all situation, probably due to my organization needs. I am hoping for a more productive day tomorrow.

Audition update: Nothing yet. I have been enlisted to participate in a show for one night only in attempts  to raise money for a young girl who is dying of cancer. A cause I am very eager to aid in. That is on October 4.

Also, school starts Monday. I am stoked!

Bought some sweatpants from GAP and I will be looking fresh the first day.

As much of a paradox as that may seem due to the purchase of sweatpants.

Anyway, G'night AByss.

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