Friday, August 27, 2010

One Night In New York City


Let me tell you, last night was a event.

My friend was turning 19 at midnight so my buddies and I thought it would be best to go out at this time. Seems innocent enough a few guys going out for drinks. Little did we know that this evening would turn into an escapade that we would soon not forget. I got out of rehearsal around 1030 and came back to my apartment to check on the cats and make sure they had what they needed for the night. They did. So I changed and left to head over to my old apartment where my roommate and our friends were hanging out waiting till 12 when we could head downtown. We were all pre-drinking and having a good time; singing happy birthday songs composed by the guitar player of the group. Then my roommate brings out his laptop insisting that he has a song for us to listen to.

He sits down on the couch, and we are all expecting to hear something upbeat and popish.

Not the case at all.

He turns on a song called "One Night In New York City" by the Horrorist. It is a messed up song. And unfortunately I cannot post the link due to some language content. But Youtube it.

So beginning our outing with this song in our minds was a little weird but we continued downtown. Our first stop was a favourite of ours. We started drinking and playing sociables at the table. Our waitress was a babe and she was just a really cool person. She joked about all the chicken wings she had served that night and laughed about how messy she was. I liked her.

While we continued to play we purchased another pitcher. A few minutes went by and (we had already paid for our drinks because we knew that they were closing soon) the manager came over to our table and said that we need to seriously leave. We all looked at him apologetically thinking that we had been to loud or something of that rambunctious nature. He then says, " Guys, you seriously need to get out, there is a fire!"

Thats right abyss, a fire was happening around us.

So we had to flee the scene minus the 3 quarter full pitcher. As we exited the building smoke was billowing out of the doors and windows. There were cops and all the other necessary officials there to over see the situation. We decided to head to another place.

We got to another place and there was an ambulance parked outside and everyone was leaving. It turned out some girl was being rushed to the hospital due to alcohol poisoning. So once again we peaced.

The next bar we went to we had to pay cover and then once we got in the bar was going through a flood. Yes, it seems someone left the bathroom sink on and it was flooding the bathrooms.

So, needless to say we were able to drink somewhat but it seems that the world was against us for that night. We started to head home and partook in the regular ritual of stopping for McDonald's on the way home. I always feel bad for going to 24 hr MacDonalds' because the people who work the shifts that late always seem to hate their lives. So I always watch them make my food so I know they aren't spitting in it. Because you know that they would take out their 4am vengeance on my burger if I wasn't watching them like a hawk.

We left with our bellies full and wallets empty. The end of a really fun night.

So, that was super long. I am gonna be short now I promise.

Audition Update: Got word about a commercial that I would be perfect for, the only exception is is that I work for the opposing company that the commercial is for. Thus its recommended that I don't audition.  I am conflicted though because I want to get some work, but I cant tell them I work for the enemy. What is your suggestion?

Talk soon.


Anonymous said...

the abyss is confused about the ''working for the opposing company'' thing. please explain.


Wayne B said...

Alrighty, so basically I work for a telecommunications company that rivals the company that was holding the audition. So I was conflicted as to whether I should work for the opposing company..