Thursday, August 12, 2010

New England Clam Chower... Is that the red or the white?

Alright Abyss,

Today at work was rather uneventful, just a normal day with normal problems. I suspected my car battery to die but alas I was rewarded with a smooth drive home. I called the scholarship people and I am still in limbo regarding my recipient status. They said they should hopefully know, the operative word being hopefully, by tomorrow.

Knowing myself, I am going to do all of this work for this scholarship and it is going to go to some Joe who didn't do a stinking thing for it. That's always how us average people's lives work out. Regardless, I am still just plain old waiting; like and actor should.

I have rehearsal in an hour and hopefully it will be a good time tonight. We had a run through on Tuesday and it went okay I think. It is always hard to tell with rehearsal how it will fair in the final run.I am having one of those days where I don't want to be seen by the public, this is due to my lack of hair gel and contacts, and I am going to have to make out with two girls tonight. Now under normal circumstance, as a man, this would be perfectly fine, and I am totally game for it. I just feel bad for the girls.

Wayne without contacts or hair gel = picture a shrill scream from an old horror movie.

Again, no word from anything that I auditioned for recently, I guess that is also pending.

So, a pretty basic day. Oh, and I am getting a kitten.


Anonymous said...

if you keep saying things like "That's always how us average people's lives work out." then that's all that's going to keep happening. Try being positive for a change.


Wayne B said...

Thank you for the kind words. I say such things as "us average folk" so that I don't make myself sound better than anyone else. I don't want to be a jerk and say I'm better than everyone else. I really appreciate the feedback. :)