Monday, August 18, 2014

Divine Intervention - Part Two

Continued from Part One...

I told myself that, just being shortlisted didn't guarantee me the role and so I needed to just stay positive and keep going with my plans for the day; I had to babysit that night. 

I left to go to my babysitting job, and when I arrived at the school around 4pm I received another call from my agent saying that I had been, "Shorty-McShort-listed"(her words not mine), and that I should stay by my phone as the director might call me. 

I cannot describe the amount of emotions that were coursing through my body in these moments; nothing seemed real. I was afraid to touch anything and kept thinking that I was going to wake up from this extremely stressful but exciting dream. 

Then, while in the grocery store buying ingredients for strawberry and chocolate cupcakes with the adorable 7-year-old I was babysitting, I got the call. The director introduced himself and gave me the entire trajectory of the character I had auditioned for. The conversation was dominated by him telling me what he expected and me squeaking out responses to his questions, while managing a ravenous (for cupcakes, not blood) little girl. As the conversation came to an end the director told me that "they" would be flying me out Friday and he was excited to meet me. I hung up the phone with my mouth agape, unable to process what had been dropped into my lap.

To clarify, in a matter of hours I went from living in Toronto, washing dishes 6 nights a week to playing a series lead on a network television show. There was no call back, no network panel meet and greet, no Skype call, just a self-tape, positive reinforcement and the divine hands of the universe.

The evening was spent making my final night with this generous, patient and delightful little girl, a memorable one. We played soccer, while I negotiated flight and contract details with my agent, who was flabbergasted at what I had accomplished in only being with her since March. Followed by an emotional and celebratory phone call with my mom, which was similar to this: 

When her and I got home, we made massive chocolate cupcakes filled with sprinkles and strawberries, and ate until our bellies and hearts were content. It was when her parents, my pseudo-parents, came home that reverted back to the situation at hand and asked for their advice: How to pack up my life? How to approach this opportunity with humility and grace? How to make the most of the next 4 months of my life? 

Richard was over the moon excited for me, while Nina played it cool and provided me with some sound advice, as she does: "This is simply a wave, you have to ride it gracefully and do great work. Then return home and keep living your life, the next wave will come when it's meant to. Do not put everything into this; despite it being a great opportunity, it is not the end of your worries." The two of them then helped me to figure out how to get my life in order over the next few days, and prepare for my biggest adventure since going to school in Montreal. 

A few days later, after dropping my cats off to be shipped back to Nova Scotia for a little vacation, I got onto the biggest plane I had ever seen and it finally started to become real. This wasn't an episode of Kenny vs Spenny; this was my reality. I was going to make my home (for the next 4 months) in a place I had never been to before, working on a project that I was passionate about and surrounded by people who respected me for what I could bring to it. 

It's a dream come true. 

My blog has almost reached 12, 000 views (*thank you) and to commemorate such an achievement, I am launching, while trying to avoid pretension, my official website and Facebook page. The idea behind the launch is to streamline all of my social media into one access point, that way readers have the ability to follow "Business Wayne" (LinkedIn, IMDB, etc.) or "Pleasure Wayne" (Twitter, Instagram, Bloggy, etc.).

As Ursula would say, "Make your choice."

(I could't find a clip of Ursula saying it to I found the complete opposite, but I feel as though my original severity remains intact.)

A reader reached out to me this week, and upon researching her (as I do), I found her blog and wanted to mention it here. Not only is she chronicling her journey as an actor, she also provides a dang awesome ginger soup recipe, which is more than I can say I have ever done for you.

Ginger Soup for the Actor's Soul


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