Saturday, March 2, 2013

March Break!

Hey Abyss,

It's finally March Break, I am so excited to finally have a break!

This last week has been a whirlwind; we did 5 shows of The Seagull and I also had my Solo Show Tutorial. That doesn't sound like a lot but it is, I can promise you.

Looking back on the experience, despite my initial hesitations about it, it was truly amazing and I am so grateful to have worked with Tanja on this wonderful show. It challenged me in so many ways and her supportive and blunt ways only made it more successful. Thank you :)

The weeks leading up to now have been rather introspective for me and I have solidified a lot of my personal and artistic goals. I have also started to understand that everything takes time and although I am becoming aware of the things that will help me grow, I have to give them the time to flourish in myself. Instead of demanding growth and beating myself up for it not happening right away.

Tanja called me on owning my wins today in our "end of project interview" and it has never rang more crucial. I am very reliant on the opinions of other people when it comes to my work and life. This trait is extremely deadly in myself and I am glad that she put it out there for me. I am learning how to feel confident in my choices regardless of how people react, or how they feel. It is about me and my choices and how I choose to express myself.

This seems elementary, but I have always struggled with feeling good about my ideas. Especially here at NTS due to the massive amounts of talent that abound. In order for me to become stronger in myself as a young man and artist this issue needs to be resolved.

I have had a few people come into my life lately that have shown me what my life could be like without my insecurities, and it is far better. So, my mission to myself is to continually do what I love and work towards that positive and brave person that I know I a capable of being.

Life is so funny sometimes.

I am truly blessed.

When I take the time to actually listen to what's around me, as well as myself, I learn so much. This week is going to be about me. I have started a cleanse of my mind and body and really want to enjoy and learn this March Break.

I am going to see Montreal this week, finally, and focus on my Solo Show.

That is a promise. (I am full of promises today...)

And on that note I am going to take a shower and begin with going to see Twelfth Night at the Monument - Nationale!

Here is a goofy photo of my character from The Seagull.

Night Abyss

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