Sunday, February 3, 2013

50 cents and the Super Bowl.

Hey Abyss,

It is Sunday, which means that I have a number of things to do. Namely homework, laundry and cleaning the rest of my apartment. I have this tenancy to only clean my bathroom and living area, and avoid my kitchen completely. I am not entirely sure why I do this, perhaps I will come to the conclusion one day.

I also need to accomplish these things before the Super Bowl starts at 6:30, so this will be a challenge in itself.

Oh, and I need to find 50 cents before I can do all of my laundry.


Yes I just did that.

This week has been an interesting one. I have a tenancy to anticipate a lot in my life. I think of all possible outcomes of situations and usually like to endow new experiences with excitement. Unfortunately most times my ideas of how situations will play out is not exactly how they do.

We started rehearsal on The Seagull with Tanja Jacobs this week, and it has been different than I anticipated.

Not bad, just different.

We have spent the last 6 days doing explorative table work, which Tanja kept reminding us is really effective in knowing the script inside and out. It was interesting because I have never spent that amount of time simply writing down facts and questions. But she is right, I feel like I know the content of the play very well now. The hardest part of this week was not delving into my developing process, which is very character based, instead it was mostly spent reading and writing.

I now see the value in this process, and understand that the beauty of the school is that every person that works with us is going to bring something new and we have the option to carry that through our lives as actors or abandon it completely. We are consistently filling our utility belt as young performers and we get to build a process for ourselves with the tools that we have been given. I also have to take into account that regardless of what process I develop for myself, depending on the director I may work with, I will have to change it to accommodate their desires.

A hard pill to swallow when I am still figuring out what works for me.

As time goes on at the school, I figure out what contributes to good acting and makes actors strong. The school is filled with people who are talented. But its finding out how to use your talent in the strongest way possible which comes through in a variety of ways. Second semester, this year, has been showing me how hard you have to work behind the scenes to bring it on the day. This "working" aspect is something that I am relatively bad at, and so the opportunity to explore different ways to jump in has been challenging but exciting.

Things are still very early in the process of The Seagull, so I may have more details down the road. For now this is what I have been thinking about. I am off to find some quarters and clean my bathroom again in avoidance of my dishes.

Night Abyss

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