Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Hey Abyss,

Thanks for staying with me through my strange photo uploads of late, which include pictures of (my now healed) athletes foot and my cats modelling portfolios.

Hopefully I can provide something more entertaining this time.

These last few weeks have been super intense working with Maiko Yamamoto and Antoine Bedard on Archipelagos, which went really well. The experience has left a lasting impression on me as a performer. The basic structure of the piece was each actor had a specific, self created movement score that they repeated for one roatating audience member 11 times over the course of 45 minutes. It was a combination of ensemble and solo work, providing for a very intimate and diverse journey for each audience member depending on which actor they start with.

As an actor it was just as intimate and diverse, because each audience member who came to your "island" reacted completely differently, which in turn altered your performance slightly. The day of the show we performed out individual pieces 44 times for 44 different people. I was initially intimidated by the number of rotations but found that the stamina training we have been working on for the last year came into effect heavily in this project. It's amazing how much energy is in the human body, and when you harness it how much of an asset it is.

Maiko and Antoine were pleasures to work with and I hope to see them again, whether it be within the school or the industry.

This week we are back to working with Nina Lee Aquino and David Yee, the last few days have been great and I am stoked to see how the rest goes.

Honestly, I am still really exhausted from all the physical work we have been doing and am wanting 2 days rest and a massage from a pro, none of these feeble "theatre school" massages. Due to our intense schedule at the school (12 hours a day, 6 days a week) we barely have time to do laundry so it gets tiring very quick, especially with little recovery time. I am not looking for pity, just expressing my fatigue.

Nothing else has been going on... I was excessively pumped about getting my Eggplant Coloured tie clip today in the mail (

Sad, I know.

Simple Pleasures.

Blackbird is currently in Poland, which is cool (

I had myself a gluten free pizza tonight and am currently burning my cat's nostrils with the intensity of my continuous flatulence.

I'm off to watch Hocus Pocus.

Night Abyss

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