Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer is Beginning


So I am actually at work right now and because it is so boring and dead, similar to that of a childhood goldfish I am writing this to pass the time.

I have still not heard from Haven, which at this point I am assuming I did not get the role. For those of you who did not understand this statement; I had an audition last week for the TV series Haven.

This morning I was offered a job teaching for 5 days in July and I took the job unaware of the phone call I would receive later today from my agent.

I got a call regarding an audition for Stephen King's new film adaption of his book Bag of Bones. Mick Garris is directing and they are shooting in my city! So I have an audition on Friday for one of the roles, so I am pretty stoked. If I end up getting the role it is an 8 week shoot and will be airing on A&E.

Hello, American market, My name is Wayne.

That is basically it at the current moment. Just waiting for work to end so I can start packing.

PS. The Gym hasn't been working too effectively, I ripped my pants last time I was there. I need to muster up the courage to go back....

Night abyss

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