Thursday, June 2, 2011

And That's a Wrap!


Alright so long time no post, as per usual..

I have been super busy with auditions for school and shows and what not so I am back to fill you  in like a jelly filled pastry.

As you were aware I was in Montreal for a bit auditioning for the National Theatre School of Canada. I was extremely nervous and felt like I had completely failed at life and had no chance of being accepted. I was on my way to the airport the following day feeling satisfied that I had seen most of the beautiful city that is Montreal, when I received the greatest phone call of my life thus far. I am now one of the 12 in Canada to be accepted to the National theatre School! I am stoked beyond reason and cannot wait to move in September.

I am currently looking for accommodations and will be pursuing that a little more closer to the actual date. I am finally moving out of my apartment and will be moving back in with my buddy from last summer. Stoked x2.

After I got back from Montreal I went right into filming Bye Bye Blackbird, which is the new title, and have been on set everyday until yesterday. It was such and awesome experience and I am so grateful to have had it. The talent that I was working with is phenomenal. I will post some links below regarding the film.

In short that is basically what has been going on over the last 2 weeks. Super busy and super great.

I have two auditions this week, one for a short film and one for the TV series Haven. Hopefully those will result in work.

I am going to actually try and commit to more regular posting...seriously. here are the links.

night abyss!

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