Thursday, April 28, 2011

ACTRA > Equity..


Well don't we have a situation. Due to my recent persistance about whether I have garnered any union status I have discovered something rather positive...

First off, when I took this contract that I am currently on I assumed that i would be getting at least one credit towards Equity. I found out today that this would have been the case had it been expressed when the contract was signed.. needless to say it was not due to my naivety. I will have to be more aware next time, but do not despair for since I was cast in Blackbird I have been given my ACTRA status! With this I feel like I am no longer just some kid doing acting for fun.

I am now of legitimate status and can be considered for bigger things :) While still maintaining my availablity to partake in community theatre.

So needless to say I am stoked beyond reason.

Tomorrow is the end of our 5th week on tour and then we move into the last phase of the tour. 2 more weeks then sadly we are done. Time has moved so quickly, I cannot get over how fast it has gone. I am grateful for every minute.

I am still waiting to hear from NTS and am looking forward to start filming. I am going to attempt to get a little bit more in shape before the shoot, just to improve my physical presence on screen (haha).

That is kind of it for now, haven't heard from any new auditions.. but at this point I don't need anything till after the film is done.

I will update accordingly.

Night Abyss

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