Saturday, October 2, 2010

The start of something.

A revelation.

Well, one could say that it was not so much a revelation as much as a verification of my journey. Tonight was an informative and yet entertaining evening thanks to the wonderful Red Bastard. I highly recommend his show, it is what you want it to be. That is the magic of his wonderful performance.

I went into the show knowing that the envelope was going to be pushed, and left with a warm feeling in my heart and the wanting to push myself even further than I am. As you know I started school this week. Everything is going swimmingly and my classmates are really great individuals. I already feel as though we are growing as a group and can foresee and really productive nine months. The information that we are provided with is extensive and thought provoking. We are made to keep journals, and although I cringed at the initial idea, I find that I am really valuing the documenting. My teachers talk about becoming aware of your body and mind. Red bastard was the perfect example of this tonight. He was carefree and light on his toes. He knew where everything on his body was in relation to everything else. It was such a visual explanation.

He shared a lovely moment with us by asking us what our dreams were and throwing them in his "Dream Bag". He told us to articulate these dreams and they would come true. He said to keep pushing for the things that will ultimately give us 100 percent happiness. Play the game, be present. He was brilliant. This may seem like it is becoming an obsession and I want to clarify that it is most certainly not that. I was just personally affected in an encouraging manner and I am ready to push harder for what I want. I will get to where I am happiest. Wherever that may be.

If you have the opportunity please look him up. The Red Bastard.

Audtion update: I am doing a Promo this weekend for GLAD. Should be a fun time. I am stoked.

Also I have two shows in the next few weeks and I am pumped about that.

And some humour before I depart. First day of school we get our student ID's. Mine looks like this:

My picture
Wayne B...

Thats right actor spelled "acter". A glorious moment.

Peace Abyss.

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aw yis. yer such a gud acter.